At the beginning of each week or month, depending on your plan, your dedicated team will gather your financial documents and data to start working on your bookkeeping.

Note: Daily, weekly and bi-weekly bookkeeping and reports also available for select plans.

Gathering financial data

Gathering financial data.

Connecting with your bank

An easy and convenient way to share financial data with your team is to connect your bank and credit cards to your accounting software for automatic bank feeds . By connecting your bank, your transactions are securely imported and populated to your accounting software each day- enabling your team to work on your books without having to wait for statements or access your bank account.  Best part of all, you don’t need to share your bank credentials with anyone once your accounts are connected.


Gather other data

Accountlet provides you with a wide variety of options and tools to make transferring other data to your bookkeeping team as easy as possible. You don't have drive to your accountants office to deliver receipts or pick up documents. With cloud-based sharing, you can simply snap a photo of a cash receipt and upload it to your account within seconds. Best of all, any content shared between you and your professional is securely stored in a filing cabinet in your account portal. 

Cloud accounting and bookkeeping
Communicating with your bookkeeper

Communicating with your dedicated professional

It’s normal to have questions about your books and business. That is why we make it easy to get in touch with your professional. By simply logging in to your account, you may contact your professional via email , direct chat or by calling your professional directly. You may also share information with your professional by leaving a note under a specific task or by commenting on work in progress via your account dashboard.


Once we have all of the information we need

We start working

Your team will begin working on your bookkeeping by entering data, reconciling accounts, categorizing transactions and taking care of all other relevant bookkeeping tasks. You can monitor work in progress via your dashboard, provide your team with special instructions or simply sit back while your team is hard at work. You can also view your businesses data immediately as it is being worked on


We work with you

We prefer to work with our clients so we can provide the best service possible. Your team may need to reach out to you every once in a while for help so we may properly categorize or reconcile a transaction. When this happens, your team will post a message to your account or reach out to you via your preferred method of communication.


At the End of Each Month

After your dedicated team begins working on your books, your team will complete your bookkeeping tasks and provide you with an income statement, balance sheet, statement of cashflow and statement of retained earnings. Your team will also provide you with other relevant reports, as well as an occasional business analysis summary which points out any recommended changes that you can make to increase profit and decrease expenses. 


Add-On’s and Other Service

If your plan includes add-on services, such as payroll, management of payables and receivables, billing,  invoice processing and collection, tax preparation or other services, your team will complete those tasks along with the tasks listed above. 

The Result

The result is awesome and accurate books along with detailed financial statements and visual reports to help you better understand the financial health of your business.

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