Bookkeeping and accounting should not be restrained to a single software not available in the cloud or a firm that restricts access to your information after office hours. As a business owner, you want live access to your business data no matter where you are and via any device that is connected to the internet and accessible to you. With cloud accounting and bookkeeping, your business data is securely stored in the cloud instead of on a single device,  allowing you to have access to your business data whenever you need it. 

Business Continuity 

You don't have to worry about losing data due to a server being wiped clean or a natural disaster. By using the cloud, your data is automatically backed up and stored in a secure, safe location. 

Collaboration Efficiency 

You have the ability to share files, documents, copies of receipts and more with your professional and others outside of traditional methods. For example, you can scan or snap photos of receipts and documents and send them to your professional via any device within seconds. You will also have access to a secure portal that allows you to manage your account, communicate with your professional in real time, view work in progress, provide feedback, request a face to face video conference, access data, reports and much more. 


You can view your businesses data immediately as it is being worked on. You don't have to wait for emails, faxes or drive to your accountants office to deliver receipts or pick up documents. With cloud-based sharing, you can send and receive documents, receipts and files using any device that is connected to the internet. Best of all, any content shared between you and your professional is securely stored in a filing cabinet in your account portal. 

With Accountlet, our services and tools have been chosen and built with you in mind. Cloud accounting and bookkeeping softwares can integrate with a whole ecosystem of add-ons - giving you and your bookkeeper or accountant countless options to customize the best solutions for your business needs.  

The best part about all of this is the fact that your books and financial information are accessible to you round the clock. You will be able to access your data, view reports, request changes and updates and communicate with your professional no matter where you are. Most importantly, we only integrate with cloud solutions that use bank level security and encryption to safeguard your data.